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Re: Funny, hahaha

3/26/2004 5:47 PM
Mark HammerRe: Funny, hahaha
Not at all. Imagine you were a political leader yourself. Do you think you could be dead serious about every political issue or poltical criticism 24/7? How much earnestness does any human being have? At a certain point, you run out of it.  
Look, cardiac surgeons will joke "Oops, I missed a spot" (mine grinned and said to me "Oh, you're the one that lived"), teachers who bust their hump about honesty in evaluation will makes jokes about tossing essays down the stairs and grading based on which stair it landed on, and people in all lines of work will step outside their usual conscientious approach for just a moment, and make light of it. Obviously, people in public positions of great responsibility have an obligation do it a little less often, and a little less visibly, because public trust helps them to do their job, but why should any leader have to leave their sense of humour at the door when they take the on the job?  
Do I think his "joke" is funny? Not really, but then I wasn't there, and world leaders are just as capable of telling you-had-to-be-there zingers as anyone else. I don't particularly like the guy's policies or take on foreign affairs (or domestic human resource management), but it's not like he's dancing around with a table-cloth on his head, yelling in a falsetto voice "Look at me, everybody, I'm Mother Teresa!", and it's not like he intended his remark to be part of some state of the union address. He's allowed a chuckle, just like you and I are allowed to hear it and say "Well, it's not THAT funny." then turn around and make fun of HIM.

dr.kt88 SO according to your reasoning, we ... -- 3/27/2004 1:58 PM