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Re: Pat Buchanan For President

1/25/2004 9:28 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Pat Buchanan For President
It is extremely difficult for many "conservatives" to NOT be "big government interventionalists" these days. I'm not saying conservatives are deceptive, duplicitous, or hypocrytical. They certainly have no lock on that, and are no worse than non-conservatives in that regard these days. Rather, over the last 30 years, things have swung from primarily the left consisting of disaffected voters to the right being equally populated with disaffected voters.  
Disaffected voters tend to have a sense of things getting out of control. One of those things, of course, is big business ruining the lives of the average citizen (for lefties) but another one of those things is government spending (for righties). Of course, invariably, the way to keep government spending under control is to regulate it, oversee it, audit it, and constantly debate it. Before you know it, the bureaucracy that you thought you were getting rid of has just gotten bigger. Such resentment-based politics is what keeps unnecessary intervention afloat, no matter who is in charge.  
Here in Canada, a Liberal government instituted a federal gun registry as a way of improving public safety. It ended up costing a bundle and has evoked the ire of poltical conservatives. Their concern, however, quickly turns into the claim that the money could have been better spent on police forces and enforcement of existing law. So who is the bigger interventionalist? Very, very hard to say. Is having more police wandering around downtown or staking out my home a liberal or conservative direction?  
Personally, I like "The Daily Show" pundit Stephen Colbert's tongue in cheek summary of the state of the union address. He showed clips from previous state of the union addresses from the same president and lamented that the quality of "illusory unattainable goals" had declined over the past 3 years. He gave Bush credit for the Mars exploration thing, but noted that overall, the list of things the US couldn't afford or pull off had gone downhill since early 2001.

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