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Re: Saddam the Coward

12/23/2003 12:15 AM
Love HippieRe: Saddam the Coward
John, Saddam's "cause" is himself and that's it. If you think that he is part of a secret plan to make the Islamic world a better place for others for example, you would have to be mistaken. Even OBL called him an Infidel. He's not really connected with any cause other than his own personal gratification and self centeredness.  
The most selfish act I can think of is murder -- the taking of another's life for one's own personal gratification. Let's face it. SH is a compulsive serial killer who makes Jefferey Dahmer look like a Sunday School Choir Boy.  
I don't nescesarily disagree with you about the evilness of other activities in Iraq. But to imply that SH is any innocent because of questionable actions on the part of others does not seem to make much sense. Two wrongs don't make a right.