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Re: Oi vey, another conspiracy

12/19/2003 11:55 PM
patrickRe: Oi vey, another conspiracy
I should have said I share some liberatarian tendencies. I don't think there should be free immigration. In fact, right now I think they should seal the borders, and tighten immigration to a trickle until we can get a handle on it. However, I am an advocate of private gun ownership and minimal government regulation of business and of our personal lives. As much as I absolutely detest smoking, and hate having it around me, it bothers me that local governments (where I live anyway) are placing continually wider bans on smoking in resturaunts and bars. And I'm not at all convinced that the legalization of pot would be a bad thing, even though I don't think it is a healthy habit. So, I don't always fit the conservative mold.  
But, for all intents and purposes it is still a 2 party system. The third party vote (Perot) is what got Clinton into office the first time, and it will take many years to repair all the damage he did to our national security, not to mention the embarrassment of having such a vile personality in the white house.

Love Hippie "I am an advocate of private gun... -- 12/20/2003 12:22 AM