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Re: "Iraqi Involvement"?!

12/18/2003 1:37 AM
Re: "Iraqi Involvement"?!
Love Hippie,  
to start with: as far as I know, also in the US, a person is innocent unless the opposite is proven. And that is one.  
"have a fair trial and then hang him".  
Very suggestive, you have condemmed the man already. How come you're talking about fair? And that is two.  
"And in all honesty, if they have... and so on"  
Again, youre mind is set. I think you should not talk about fair in as much you are only just giving you're own opinion. Fair means that you accept the outcoming of the trial. Whatever it be.  
And that is three.  
Don't you think that that, beside SH, also the US - France - Germany - Russia (at least) should stand trial too. They were all to happy to sell him their goodies. Again, and as far as I know: if you kill somebody and I sold you the gun, I am considered an accomplice. Should this not apply to administrations too? That is four.  
My personal opinion is that any country where people are fighting to occupy the first row of seats for an execution is a very sick country, inhabitated by very sick people. Meaning the US.  
My own suggestion? Put the man to trial. Recuperate his assets and return those to the people of Iraq. Then turn him loose. He's got nothing anymore. His sons are death, his power and wealth are taken away, he proved himself to be a coward. He was armed, but what resistance did he put up?  
So turn him loose. Some fool is apt to kill him within an hour. Wrong. Let him live. Confront him with what he was and what he is now. And that for the years to come. That is much harder to get by then a bullet in the head.  

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