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previous: patrick I think like an libertarian, but ha... -- 12/17/2003 4:59 PM View Thread

Re: Oi vey, another conspiracy

12/17/2003 6:28 PM
Love HippieRe: Oi vey, another conspiracy
You said:  
"I think like an libertarian"  
Me says:  
I think you meant to say "You think like a liberal." I know the two words (libertarian and liberal) are spelled somewhat similar so I understand how you could be easily confused.  
Last time I checked the libertarians believed in allowing free immigration to the US without restraint. In other words, all any Islamic Fundamentalist country would need to do to take over the US under such a policy is send a Billion Islamic Wierdos here as "immigrants" and we would be conquered without ever having a shot fired. Sounds like typical liberal thinking to me.  
-Love Hippie (The Caring Person)

patrick I should have said I share some lib... -- 12/19/2003 11:55 PM