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previous: Frank De Salvo Good Michael Jackson Jokes! -- 11/20/2003 2:31 AM View Thread

Would you like to Apologize to MJ?

11/20/2003 11:29 PM
elnonymousWould you like to Apologize to MJ?
Your jokes appear to potentially imply that MJ is guilty. Did I interpret this right?  
Do you believe in fair trials?  
Do you believe there is a chance that MJ might be innocent?  
Do you believe that it is possible that he has been potentially accused unjustly?  
From what I've seen on the news, MJ has not been convicted of a crime yet. Your jokes potentially imply that he is guilty of a serious crime. That's the way it appears to me anyways, but I could be wrong. Please explain your comments.  
If I were you, I would retract your jokes and issue a public apology to MJ. If on the other hand, you really believe MJ should get a fair trial and somehow I misconstrued what you said, then let me know how you feel about that as well.  
Child molestation is certainly a serious crime. Being potentially accused falsely of a serious crime is not nice stuff either. In sum, it's probably best to wait and see if the allegations against MJ are true before engaging in jokes about the situation.

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