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Re: Presidential Election 2004

8/4/2003 7:44 PM
Flash WaterRe: Presidential Election 2004
I appreciate your advanced understanding of differential equations. You have proved to all of us that you are indeed very smart. I have never, and will never, understood any advanced mathematics, so kudos to you.  
I expect you could start out in the $35K range yearly when you get out of school. I hope your candidate gets elected, and you can watch your take-home dwindle to almost $16K with all of the social programs he espouses. Maybe then you'll get your playstation and your bag 'o weed.  
BTW - did one of your instructors at school turn you on to this guy? just curious.  
Kucinich Donor List "Like Hollywood Guest List."  
Now that instilled confidence in me! Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are my political heroes.
I'm not sure how out of context this one was. Hollywood is a breeding ground for extreme liberalism. Preached to the American public by folks who just don't understand what paycheck-to-paycheck means. A sorry rallying point for a presidential candidate if you ask me. But I guess that appeals to the "Extra" hollywood news show mentality.  
Whats needed is a resurgence of organized labor  
Yes! Unions are the answer to all of our nation's evils!
OK, I left out part :What?s needed is a resurgence of organized labor, and a Kucinich administration will tenaciously defend the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively.  
Again, how are unions the answer? Well, as I see it, unions mostly vote democratic. It's a slam-dunk political tactic to ensure future constituents for a left-wing administration.  
Also part of the pro-union paragraph was the old liberal saw of "And it?s time to reverse tax cuts that benefit the already well-to-do, and retain an estate tax". And he went on to say that by taking money away from those who create jobs in this country, we could spend this half trillion dollars on more social programs (bridges, schools, environmental programs, ports, etc).  
Universal Health Care with a Single Payer Plan  
Yup, he's a socialist, comrade.
That single payer would be everyone in America. Since when is it my responsibility to pay for your AADD medication? And Governmental regulation of health care : We think prices are high now? let the gov't run healthcare for a decade.  
Guaranteed Quality Education, Pre-K through College ... and in particular : Education must emphasize creative and critical thinking, not just test-taking.  
Bwahahahah! [cough]
I was laughing at the line about critical thinking - that's another way of saying "Tests just show how bad of a job we are doing at teaching our children rudimentary skills, like reading and writing"  
This paragraph talks about spending more money on public schools. Well, more money does not equal more education.  
The city of Atlanta public schools spend more per child than most other large cities, yet rank nearly dead last.  
Education reform needs to come from parents, and parents who view school as free daycare are not going to have kids that do well. But that's my uneducated take.  
Brian, please convince me that I am wrong. Notice I have not called you any names or insulted your intelligence. Take a minute to explain to a simpleton like me how backwards I am, and how my politcal views are way off.  

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