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Re: Fresh article on this stuff

9/7/2004 11:18 PM
Re: Fresh article on this stuff
That is interesting, Steve, though a bit one sided. But I think Mike's conspiracy angle is a bit overblown as well. If your radios have five channels, you get to select which ones it uses - and which ones it does not. It is not the equipment, it is what the oversight body does with it.  
To say that they wat the top few channels off the TV band so some gear makers can further fragment things is off the mark. We have wireless units in our industry from SHure, Nady, Samson, A-T, and others. THey operate in the same bands, but their channel assignments are different. No interoperability, but not limited by the FCC.  
Turf wars are a fact of life when humans are involved. It is only in recent years that the branches of the armed services are being FORCED to cooperate over communication gear. It was amply demonstrated in the first gulf war that we could not coordinate the services who neeed to work together to be effective.  
As to giving up channels 62-69 or whatever, the TV bands use up a whole lot of prime bandwidth just to net a few TV signals. As cable becomes more and more prevalent, the concept of broadcast channels becomes less relevant. The new TV bands will be suited to local distribution of TV content, and many many services can make use of the now free bands.