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Re: Jimmy Page's stage Marshalls

4/14/2004 12:32 AM
Brian X
Re: Jimmy Page's stage Marshalls
In the mid seventies Page used Marshall Major 200W Heads. These are the mistery "200W" heads that are spoken of. Nothing special. Way too loud for modern perposes. Not a "tone" amp unless you want to crank it and lose your hearing. If you really want an overall Page tone get a Vox AC30 a Fulltone Wah-Wah and a Fulltone Soul-bender (unless you can find the real stuff in great shape). Use a Telecaster and or a old Danelectro(silvertone, also Jerry Jones he now uses those because they are made better than the old Dano's). Jimmy loves "twang", over drivin twang. The Les Pauls were modified to be coil tapped to get both bridge and neck single coils in series and paralel curcuits. This gave him a Tele/Dano sound plus gibby blues tones. The supro 8' is a great amp but there are others based off the "5EC" curcuit. He also used a Ampeg Jet in the studio as well. Most session players know that you don't need a big ass amp in the studio to get great tone. In fact you cant if your playing with other musicians or you would blow the doors off them and you would get what's called bleed from the guitar amp into say the drums or bass amp. The whole "Layla" album was recorded with vintage Fender Champ amps based off that same circuit. These days you can go out on stage with a small amp like that and record with it. Check it out.