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Re: Update on NAV

3/6/2004 9:05 PM
bob pRe: Update on NAV
I have begun to think that the safest way to surf the web is just to avoid MSFT altogether. I had been experimenting with Mandrake Linux 9.2 (download edition) and I had wonderful results in installing a dual-boot Win/Lin system.  
With Mandrake, it was childsplay to install a basic system that could browse the internet from a DSL-equipped LAN. The Conqueror browser had much better security features than any version of IE prior to version 6, and its probably as good if not better than IE 6 in terms of configurability.  
Add to that the capability of having strict separation between superuser (admin) and user privileges, and you've got a pretty safe system. as a user, you're not authorized to install software, so you're much less prone to some of those security problems that are so inherent in most versions of Windows. At least its one hell of alot harder for unauthorized software to install itself behind your back.