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Re: Equipment Endorsements, Why not use an Ampager amp ?

1/16/2004 5:16 PM
Frank De Salvo
Re: Equipment Endorsements, Why not use an Ampager amp ?
Hey Mitch. Don't forget about Trace at Voodoo!! I have thought of that, but I'm really concerned about the relationship aspect of it all. What I mean is that if things didn't work out with this band, then I wouldn't want to be responsible for burning any bridges with the very community which sparked and guided my interest and growth in tube amp building. I don't operate with negative feelings and thoughts of failure anymore, I just want to do things the safe way-kind of an oxymoron, I know...  
Haha, if it weren't for these guys, I wouldn't have ever had the guts to build the few amps that I have built. I think that I may just buy a solid state rig to get me by until we get to where we are going. I do and always will love analog circuits, but for the time being, I cannot live beyond my means.  
Hey if any of you guys know someone that is selling a hardtail G&L Legacy or Legacy Special let me know!  

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