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Re: Octaver Effects

8/9/2004 7:33 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Octaver Effects
The E&MM Harmony Generator project at my site ( ; scroll down a few pages) does precisely this. This is a project by Paul Williams that appeared in Electronics and MusicMaker quite a few years back.  
It uses a 4046 chip as a tracking oscillator to generate a note well above the actual pitch of the note you play (like most octave dividers, this is a mono device). That note, in turn is divided down by a counter chip to yield a variety of intervals, including fifths.  
There is a PCB layout included in the PDF files. If you want to build the project, though, you will need to: a) digitally tidy up the PCB layout with a paint program of some type, b) rescale it so that its spacing matches that of the chips, and c) flip it mirror image if you wish to use press-and-peel or some other similar method of transfer-based etch resist.  
I've never made it but apparently it works fine from reports.

Rob cheers, looks a tad complicated but... -- 8/9/2004 9:53 PM