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Re: Vox AC30/6TB Normal channel power loss

1/6/2004 10:54 PM
Re: Vox AC30/6TB Normal channel power loss
it could just be the tube for that channel, or loose connection on the board.The scratchy pot,a leaky coupling cap,and tube can cause this sound,as a loose ground could also cause it,again being a loose solder connection etc. It seems as it heats up. And the amps are not too easy to just swap a tube in. the only other things that come to mind from working on some of the RI,The screen grid resistor/s come loose from the board. I've seen this in a few amps so far.  
Transformer noise/mecanical,but other than that nothing but tubes.  
I have had to change power transformers in the AC15.. And have heard of others having those problems.  
The transformers are nothing like the old AC30,meaning they aren't near as big and hefty. they seem to be the kind you find in other Korg/marshall amps.  
And they just don't seem to be as good.  
Kinda like the JTM30 and JTM 60,and marshall 900s  
I've changed alot of those..  
Don't know about the cambridge..