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Re: Behringer powered mixer...anyone have one?

1/4/2004 8:06 PM
Rob Mercure
Re: Behringer powered mixer...anyone have one?
Behringer is, like Mackie and others, feature loaded, inexpensively made, almost unrepairable "bargain" equipment. Truly a fine package of features for the price but "heaven help you" when the unit finally fails. The overall quality of construction is lightweight and, as I mentioned, the assembly of most of their products is generally unservicable. If I were to purchase one of these it would be for "X" years - that is, I would expect to have to replace it after a short time and would save up for a "non-bargain" unit. Three years seems reasonable "off the top of my head." Oh, by the way, I did Behringer warranty repair for a few months.  

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