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monitor mix

12/15/2003 6:27 AM
monitor mix
I'd like to monitor two stereo sources while playing live through earbuds/headphones without relying on the soundman any more than I have to.  
Equipment: (might try Hiwatt DR50 pre out into) Behringer VAmp Pro (analogue speaker sim) stereo XLR out split 1 pair to board and one pair to blend with a aux feed from board. Is this clear as mud? It seems that they don't design these boxes for live monitoring. I have lots of dual pots to build some sort of micro mixer but am unsure about the schematic. Any ideas? I also picked up the new 8 ch headphone amp from Behringer but it only allows one stereo signal/channel at a time?  
Hightech knundrum, eh.

Don Symes Does it have to be stereo wh... -- 12/17/2003 12:06 AM