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Re: Carver power amp transformer!

9/6/2003 7:12 PM
Mark Black
Re: Carver power amp transformer!
I second what Rick said about making certain it's really bad transformers. I've worked on quite a few of these (geez - it might be near 50) and their later incarnation the PM-1200, and have yet to find a single bad transformer.  
What I do find routinely is:  
Solder crack at output transistor sockets (sometimes invisible - I always retouch them all).  
Solder crack at the multipin amp card connectors (same as above).  
Solder crack at (ironically) the only capacitors they glued to the amp cards.  
Bad diodes (MR852's usually - if your amps have them in the main power supply section they should be replaced with 6A10 types as per a Carver service bulletin).  
Bad multi-section caps in the intermediate rail supply (no longer available but Phoenix Gold still sells a retrofit kit).  
Lots of other things but this is getting way too long.  
Just never a bad transformer yet...  
Good luck!