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Re: advice on graphite strat saddles

8/23/2004 6:26 PM
Josh Pardes
Re: advice on graphite strat saddles
I tried them out on my G&L and they work well, however I think that there is some degree of hype that goes along with them. For starters, the no string breakage claim is for real. I used them for a week and was purposely playing extremely aggressively that whole time to see if they would hold up. No problems, no breaks. Additional midrange claim is true as well, however this is why I ultimately put my stock G&L saddles back on. They are nickel coated brass and have a nice twang to them which I really like. They don't have breakage problems so my experiment was just to hear the tonal difference. The claim about longer sustain may be true, but to be honest, I really could not hear a difference. My buddy has them on his mexi-strat and they do help his sustain. If you want to fatten up your tone a little and don't mind loosing a little twang they are an excellent product. Check out the newer string savers that have a graphite contact point in a steel saddle. They are supposed to sound more traditional than the all graphite compound ones.