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EMG question

6/3/2004 11:29 PM
EMG question
Hello all,  
I've installed a set of EMG pickups in a LP custom. An 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck. The 25K pots that came with them are not the long shaft ones and thus will not work in a LP. What kind of difference will installing the 25K pots make compaired to the 500K's that are currently installed? They sound great as is. Should I go ahead and order the long shaft 25K pots? Any advice/opinions on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  

jaysg That's an issue for EMG. I think y... -- 6/4/2004 4:22 PM
Cole Davis The stock 500k pots will work, but ... -- 6/5/2004 6:34 PM