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Re: Extending pickup leads question

12/4/2003 2:52 AM
kluson guyRe: Extending pickup leads question
Thanks anonymous.  
The Japanese pickups are 4.7 & 4.9 K (Stock)Ceramic big magnet bar on the bottom.  
The US Fenders are 5.8 & 5.9 K (from a US 62' reissue)  
Both tone & Vol pots are 250K.  
There is a treble bleed cap on the volume 0.001uf  
and the tone cap is 0.047.  
I measured the treble bleed cap in cicuit and it read 20uF. Is that right?

anonymous Those values are in the ball park -... -- 12/5/2003 6:35 PM
Steve A. kluson guy:12/8/2003 9:35 AM