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Re: Silvertone 1484

7/30/2004 7:15 PM
Greg Simon
Re: Silvertone 1484
If they replaced the PT with a Deluxe, then they would have had to do other mods also as teh original 1484 has a double voltage doubler setup with the PT that is in there. Very strange, but I guess if the voltages were the same when you got done, it wouldn't matter. Most people I've talked to replace the OT with a good quality Deluxe or Bassman OT and it opens the amp up and makes it more dynamic all around. The screen voltage on the 1484 is rather low because the OT can't handle the power if you raise it. This causes some pretty cool distortion and makes the sound a bit darker than a Fender. If you replace the OT, then you can raise teh screen voltage to Fender levels and you'll get a better clean, and a more powerful amp, but the thick distortion would be different and you would have to turn it up higher to get it. I may end up getting 2 of them in the future and leave one with the stock OT and make the other have a bigger one for more power.  
I think you're right about the original cab being half closed, half open back. We never had the original cabinet so we made our own. Still waiting on it....  
My brother's doesn't have the reverb, but the tubes and circuit are still there. I'll probably steal those tubes and use them to mod the first channel and nevermind the reverb as I've heard them before and they aren't all that great.  
The standby setup is strange on these amps as it just turns off the power section, so you can still get some volume through to the speakers if you hit the strings hard. Kind of a funny novelty tone.  

George Greg,Keep me posted on what... -- 8/2/2004 6:32 PM