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Tremelo problem

2/9/2004 7:53 PM
Tremelo problem
I purchased an old 50/60's Regal amplifier at a garage sale. The tremelo does not work and I would like to repair it. Not being a tech, my first effort will be to change the appropriate tube but I have no clue which would be the tremelo tube. The tubes in this thing are as follows:  
1 6X4  
1 6AQ6  
2 6AV6  
1 5AV6 (this could be another 6AV6 as the model # is partially scratched but I don't think so.  
If anyone believes they know which tube I should attempt replacing please respond.  

Don Symes While you're hoping somebody has a ... -- 2/10/2004 2:35 AM
Wild Bill Ray, a tremelo "bug" is a neon bulb... -- 2/10/2004 5:13 AM