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Ampeg Reverberocket with Low Volume

12/5/2003 2:30 AM
Rob W.
Ampeg Reverberocket with Low Volume
I am having a little bit of difficulty in diagnosing a problem that I am having with an Ampeg of mine. This is a 1964 Reverberocket with three 12AX7's, one 12AU7, and 7591's as outputs. The amp has been completely recapped, all of the tubes are new, and most of the components are within spec.  
With the amp cranked to 10, it is hardly loud at all. There is not really any distortion present when cranked fyi. The transformers appear to be putting out the right voltages, but I am not sure since i have not been able to find a proper schematic for this amp. I have also tried different speakers with no change in volume.  
Is there any place that I am not considering at the moment that I should be??? This one is really starting to baffle me and eat up a lot of my time.  
Rob W.

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