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Re: Crate SS amp problem...?

7/8/2004 5:30 AM
Re: Crate SS amp problem...?
Exactly, you have lost the +15v. The zener is shorted, and that is why. Those two resistors limit current into the zeners. They will run hot, but I bet the one with 1.5v on the end is even hotter. Replace the zener. It will be a 15 or 16 volt zener.  
Typical 1 watt zeners would then be 1N4744 and 1N4745. Your number suggests that it might be a 5 watt zener. Look it over again and see if it is not really a 1N535?. The 5w types ought to have a 4 digit number after the N. There may also be an A or a B at the end.  
While you ar at it, there will eb a cap across the zener somewhere. Make sure it is not shorted.

anonymous OK...the zener is labeled N5353B. <... -- 7/8/2004 2:45 PM