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Re: Crate SS amp problem...?

6/22/2004 11:29 PM
Re: Crate SS amp problem...?
Isolate the problem. It is either in the preamp, the power amp, or the power supply, or a combination. First check the power supply. The high voltage for the power amp is maybe 40V plus and minus - maybe 38, maybe 45, but something in that area. Are both supplies present and about the same voltage? Then there is the low voltage supplies for the op amps in the preamp. This will be +/- 15V. Are both these supplies present and about the right voltage?  
Once the voltage is verified, we move on to the audio path. Plug a guitar into the power amp in jack, or if it has none, the effects return jack. Does it still sound bad? If so the power amp is suspect. If it sounds OK, then the power amp is OK.  
Connect the preamp out or the effects send to another amp so you can hear what the preamp itself sounds like. Is it clear or troubled?  
These tests will at least help narrow down what part of the thing needs service.  
I only recall one Aris in my existence, are you from Michigan? Mother Paula?

aris Enzo...I'm from Southern California... -- 6/23/2004 2:31 AM