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Re: Warm up a Crate Vitage Club 30

5/7/2004 1:56 PM
P Howard
Re: Warm up a Crate Vitage Club 30
Althought I haven't tried to warm up this particular amp..(although the fire idea would work)  
I've found a couple of things that are usually sure fire (pun intended) to mellow out some of the small modern amps.  
First change out the crappy speaker that they put in these things..put a nice alnico Jensen RI or Weber in it..I know it costs $$$ but the rewards are generally worth it!  
The alnico speaker will give it a warmer sound and round off some of the highs.  
Second, experiment with different pre-amp tubes. This is extrememly important in the very first pre-amp tube as this sets the stage for the tone.. try some of the new ones out there from EH or get your hands on some used old stock.  
Another trick is to make a beam blocker to put in front of the speaker.. I did this with great results on a harsh practise amp.. you make a circular frame that sets between the speaker and baffle (out of the 1/8" sheet of hardboard you can get at Home Depot) and leave a cross beam with a 2-3" solid circle in the middle of it so you in effect have two semi-circles cut out of it.  
This will mellow the sound of the speaker when you're setting right in front of it and will actually disperse the sound better.  
Hope that helps some..  

Darrell Thanks, Ill give that a try, I was ... -- 5/9/2004 7:39 PM