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Re: Fat + More Gain

3/28/2004 1:33 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: Fat + More Gain
There are many ways you can approach this and it basically comes down to what your ear wants to hear verses the best over all way to get to that sonic point you want to be at. I should preface this by saying that I'm not familiar with exactly what the Fat switch (forgive me as it's early Sunday morning and I'm not fully awake yet--ha, ha).  
It may be easier to figure out what value cathode resistor you want to use to avoid the bump/thump sound you are getting. You could go with a 1.5K cathode resistor in place of the 3.3K and then you can switch the added 22uF cap in or out for a gain boost.  
You can use the 100K across the contacts or also a value such as 1M to ground (to make the connection to ground) and this will also get rid of the bumping sound.  
If the 1.5K with the added 22uF cap is too much of a gain boost then you can wire up the following;  
1.) Solder the 22uF cap to the cathode pin  
2.) Start with a 47K resistor in series to ground.  
3.) If you want more of a gain boost you can go with a 39K, 33K, 22K, etc. until you find the right amount of gain that works best for you.  
If you like you can solder a 50K pot in place of the resistor to find the value you like.

Dan Lurie Trace,The Fat switch just adds ... -- 3/28/2004 7:47 PM