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How to put 3 conductor AC line on old amp??

3/12/2004 3:25 AM
How to put 3 conductor AC line on old amp??
I've got an old Supro "Super" amp which is a single ended 6V6 amp(made in the mid 60's) with one control(an all in one volume/on-off switch), and I'd like to know the proper way to put a grounded AC line cord on there. I don't know if you just put the hot(hooked to the fuse) & common(one side of the switch) where they normally went before & then put the green wire to chassis ground or not. There's also a .01uF 1400v cap from the other side of the switch(the common going into the other side) to the chassis ground, does the cap stay or go? And if it does go, what would you hook to the switch in it's place? I know, I'm dumb.  
Thanks in advance  

Regis Yes, this is correct. You might hav... -- 3/12/2004 2:30 PM
wayneosdias good first project for you! by the ... -- 3/12/2004 4:19 PM