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previous: Andy just picked up a fender blackface s... -- 10/23/2004 4:51 AM View Thread

Re: fender blackface showman

10/23/2004 8:23 PM
Re: fender blackface showman
Somebody hacked it....have fun with it. You are taking about a loud amp at 100 watts. I would think about going with a pair of output tubes and be able to switch between 6L6GC, EL-34 or KT-66 tubes. If you need a new PT Allen makes some great Fender type stuff and I really like the little bit of sag with a GZ-34 rec tube. I have a hacked 63 showman I am making into a 2-12 combo. It seems like 40-50 is more than enough these days. I have never been able to use an amp even that loud for the last 20 years, if it was a bigger gig I ended up going through the sound system. Even if you go with the 2 power tubes you can still use the OT for 8 ohms. How about a 4-10 combo?

Andy I could also go with 4x6L6 class A ... -- 10/24/2004 7:47 AM