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Re: Deluxe Reverb clone output transformer

10/19/2004 2:45 PM
Bob M.
Re: Deluxe Reverb clone output transformer
I believe the most profound changes one can make in an amp occur with trying/using different speakers and different output transformers. After the basic 'package' is chosen and implimented, I usually tweak the amp to my taste - tone stack, feedback (amount) the PI, ect.,ect. I think companies like Fender make amps that work very generally for the widest possible set of guitarists. I intentionally narrow these parameters so the amp does what I need it to do. I don't care if I've removed or altered any of its essential 'Fenderness' - I'm not a traditionalist. If an amp sounds good to me, with the guitars I choose to play, with the pedals I choose to use, are my only criteria. This is not a unique concept; it's probably what most of us do to our amps, homebrew or production line.  
Basically this conversation seems to be boiling down to this question: Will an interleaved output transformer yield greater output than a stock, non-interleaved one?  
Any increased transformer-induced treble response can be dealt with by conpensation within the circuit but as Wild Bill has so aptly pointed out, this may be of a different quality, not quite the same thing and could be a significant factor.  
Bob M.

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