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sources for EF86

9/17/2004 7:40 PM
Dave James
sources for EF86
Hi All,  
Well, after a protracted delay, I'm beginning to re-start my amp building efforts. While I was checking my stock of parts I found that my supply of EF86's was I went looking to my old supplier (AES) and found that there's been some foofarha with Svetlana (that tube no longer available) and the supply of new production EF86's has dried up leaving me to buy NOS at very high prices.  
I've checked a couple other suppliers and have not had much luck.  
My question is: does anybody know what's happened to that great tube and is there any ready supply left?  
Thanks and later,  

dr. blues call Lord Valve 303-778-1156. just ... -- 9/17/2004 9:27 PM