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stage-1: 1500 ohms (... -- 8/20/2004 3:05 AM
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Re: Where does the Fuzz come from??

8/20/2004 4:27 PM
DDRe: Where does the Fuzz come from??
Thanks Carl for the curve. Yep, that's the operating point I'm talking about. Notice how low the slope is for -3 volts vs -1 volts. It's definitely a situation of low gain with high clean sustain.  
It may well be producing some good 2nd harmonics as you pointed out because the resulting tone has a nice chime to it. But it doesn't have that gritty odd harmonic content you get from overdriving a preamp stage as it's done traditionally with hotter bias.  
After discovering it, I've been using it as a universal pre-amp stage for just about every situation. For example, I just finished building a Super Champ clone (i.e. 2x6V6 PSE) similar to the plans available at Angela Instruments site. But instead of the minimalist preamp section with a single tone control, I used the clean three stage pre instead.  
The results are absolutely amazing. It completely blows away my old Fender BF and Tweed Champs. Lots more sweetness to the tone than even a good old sweet standard champ can deliver. I think your 2nd harmonic theory must be right.  
And the touch sensitivity is absolutely amazing compared to a real Champ. Real Champs always seem to have a nice sweet spot that hits at about 7 on the volume control. But turn a Champ to either a 5 or 9 and you loose the spot. But with the 3 stage setup, the sweet spot for responsive touch goes anywhere from 1 to 10 on the volume control -- it's everywhere meaning that it's hard to get a really bad tone out of the amp no matter what the vol/tone settings are.

Dan I changed some parts....Plates ... -- 8/22/2004 9:41 PM