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Re: PT for 2-el84 12-15 watt amp?

8/3/2004 7:54 PM
Carl Gigun
Re: PT for 2-el84 12-15 watt amp?
Okay, but the 6V6 tubes used in the princeton and your EL84 tubes produce very similar amounts of power. A princeton IS a 12-15 watt amp, and yeah, that's loud for a bedroom.  
Things to try,  
Find a lower voltage power transformer than the blues jr, aim to produce 250vdc or less, and bias the tubes quite hot, that could get you down as low as 8w. Triode switch, even less power. It's questionable whether there's much of a difference between an 8w and 12w amp though.  
Find an inefficient speaker and use only one. Use an open back cab and don't put it against the wall or in a corner (to me these don't seem to get the whole room rumbling the way closed back cabs do).  
Find a smaller output tube.  
Find a bigger practice room ;)