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Re: bandmaster reverb not loud enough

7/26/2004 11:17 AM
giustdRe: bandmaster reverb not loud enough
"if you're practicing in a room with no sound deadening you are (IMHO) clinically insane."  
Y'awrite Speed.  
"Getting that basic rehearsal environment set up so that everyone can hear themselves and respect each other's space and *not* decend into volume-wars is critically important IMHO."  
I sat in with a friend's band at their rehearsal room whose guitarist plays ferociuosly loud thru his marshall combo with tons of distortion. I didn't even bother turning amp after the first tweak. some guys just don't get it.  
"Bigger amps are not the answer unless you want to get thrown out of clubs for being too loud and lose your hearing as a bonus. "  
Most club managers will not tolerate a band that's too loud more than once.