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Re: bandmaster reverb not loud enough

7/20/2004 7:18 PM
giustdRe: bandmaster reverb not loud enough
"even my other guitarist, who plays through a 120-watt crate SS 2x12 combo"  
there's problem number one for him  
"we play in a very small room in my drummer's basement, and without carpet or proper walls, the drums just permeate through everything."  
this, in my opinion, is the MAIN problem. it's hard to tone down drums, but it can be done. try these things:  
throw at least one rug or carpet on teh floor, especially if it's cement.  
throw some carpet on the walls. or better,those egg crate mattress things they sell at bedding stores, they're cheap and effective beleive it or not.  
go to home depot and pick up some soundboard, build a little wall in front of his kit.this will tone down the toms and kick.  
put some of the carpet and/or egg crate foam ABOVE the kit to kill the cymbal overtones and ringing.  
do this and you'll be very surprised at how much perceived volume you'll kill, and still be able to hear everything.  
we did this in a cement garage and it's teh best sounding rehearsal room I've ever been in.  
good luck

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