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Re: WTB: O'Connor The Ultimate Tone Book

7/8/2004 7:21 PM
Mark Lavelle
Re: WTB: O'Connor The Ultimate Tone Book
"... if anyone is interested, perhaps we could ask someone like Mark Hammer to post a short review of some of these old text books on his web site."
I'm working up the energy for a complete redesign of my site, and I'd be quite happy to host a reference section with book reviews! Maybe a good approach would be paragraph-length submissions from multiple (up to half a dozen, maybe) reviewers. Then you could even have viewing by title or by reviewer (e.g., all reviews of TUT3 or all reviews by Joe Glow)...

StevieP What format do you want Mark?ex... -- 7/8/2004 8:24 PM
kg this is a step in that direction: -- 7/9/2004 10:50 AM