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suggestions please re improving power supply

7/7/2004 2:05 PM
phil.hsuggestions please re improving power supply
hello all  
The supply in question is for a 2xel84 cathode biased amp.  
300v-0-300v into ez81 rectifier.  
Then 220ohm before 32uf res cap.  
1k/32uf screen supply  
22k/8uf PI  
100k/8uf pre amp  
I dont like the 220ohm before the res cap it seems to me this will increase the resistance of the supply and cause a lot of sagging.  
I think this is just there to throw voltage away which will be on the high side for el84s.  
Also the two ef86 pre amp stages are fed from the same node could this be an issue (coupling between stages via the supply line)??  
Any suggestins for improvement? or do you think its ok as is ?i have never used a valve rectifier before so maybe that makes all the difference.  
cheers phil.h

phil.h Re: more bad news? -- 7/8/2004 2:13 AM