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Re: Opinion on Eminence Delta Pro 12 - The Omega

7/7/2004 12:42 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Opinion on Eminence Delta Pro 12 - The Omega
Yes, it does appear that way. I think the FR graphs at the web site are OK, but the ones in my 2001 catalog had (I believe) the Delta 12 and Delta Pro 12 graphs switched, or at least that's what I heard from the speakers when I compared them, so I kind of got this "I'll just have to compare them myself" mindset. FWIW, if the Delta 12 FR curve I have is actually the Delta Pro 12, it drops like a rock from 3Khz (50 dB/octave!) and - most importantly IMO - it never comes back up again in the 10-20Khz range, like so many Celestions, etc. do; the speaker sounds great for heavy-distortion sounds (and also clean if the EQ is right) but if you had a non-master amp and needed a sparkly-clean sound along with your dimed overdrive sound, it might not be the best choice.