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Re: 7199 Triode Section details? Possible Sunn mod...

6/19/2004 8:26 PM
steve m
Re: 7199 Triode Section details? Possible Sunn mod...
The 6C4 is a 7 pin mini base tube with one triode with characteristics like a triode of a 12AU7.  
The 6GH8, 6BL8 and 6U8 are all similar to the 7199, but have a different pinout. 7199s were only produced by RCA AFAIK, but 6GH8s/6BL8s/6U8s were all used in TV sets so lots of them were produced. You can usually find them at Hamfests for around $1 apiece. The downside is you'd have to rewire the 7199 socket to take any of the three other tubes.  

Richie most of the later sunns went to the... -- 6/19/2004 11:41 PM