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7199 Triode Section details? Possible Sunn mod...

6/18/2004 8:52 PM
Greg Simon
7199 Triode Section details? Possible Sunn mod...
I was wondering if anyone knows what the triode section of the 7199 is supposed to be like? Is it a 12au7, or a 12at7, or a 12ax7, or something else entirely? I'm thinking of changing the 7199 in a Sunn amp over to an EF86 and some triode, preferably something cheap, easy to find, and reliable. But I'd like to get the same characteristics as the 7199 triode....I just have no idea what it is. I would make a new hole in the chassis and put the EF86 there, then use the triode as the cathodyne inverter as the triode half of the 7199 is now.  

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