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Re: Removing Corona Dope?

6/15/2004 12:10 AM
Trace -- Voodoo Amps
Re: Removing Corona Dope?
Bob P = are you trying to get under the dope to see what the other guy has done, or to undo what the other guy has done? if all you want to do is undo his work, a replacement board may be the easy way out. if you're trying to learn what's under the goo, i'd like to suggest a different approach -- do you know anybody who could xray it?  
Trace = No we're *not* trying to reverse engineer it (ha, ha), just trying to repair it (mainly check some connections at that point). The corona dope was used to stop some arching that was occurring on the PC board as the plate and cathode resistor were physically located too close to one another and it was arching across. The same problem was occurring but in another area so we tracked it down and she's running great now.  
anonymous = Kinda of ironic that a guy that puts crap on his mods wants to remove the crap of someone elses...  
Trace = I glad to see you were respectful enough to post your name, email address, etc.  
Enzo = Did anyone consider contacting the manufacturer of the stuff for removal?  
Trace = I actually gave that a try Enzo but no one picked up on the tech support line.  
Many thanks for all the replies guys!!!  
Thanks again!  

Trace -- Voodoo Amps Edit: Sorry - I meant a dropping re... -- 6/15/2004 12:28 PM