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Re: Wattage vrs Volume

6/10/2004 3:05 PM
Re: Wattage vrs Volume
"12 or 15 watt amp will get stomped once the band is drunk and deaf, the drummer starts really pounding"  
Amen, and isn't it fun?  
Young Guys, he really means deaf.  
Olsen, on p.474 of Elements of Acoustical Engineering, has a chart from Fletcher that shows the minimum perceptible change in loudness to be around 1/4 dB at 80 dB, and louder, for the speech range, in ideal conditions. 1 dB is said to be more common in the general population. It varies with pitch and intensity.  
3 dB down is half power, but the ear is nonlinear. Beranek, in Acoustics, says on p 401 that at loud levels (I think that applies here) 10 dB is the level of change that produces a percieved doubleing of sound level. It varies with pitch and intensity.