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Re: Removing Corona Dope?

6/10/2004 4:50 AM
Re: Removing Corona Dope?
To he who asked, corona dope is a high voltage insulating paint, in essence. Corona discharge can take place around a high voltage conductor - really high voltage like the 30kv in the TV or even higher on power lines overhead, etc. The surface of something supposedly insulating can pick up a surface film and become slightly conductive - possibly due to absorbtion of moisture - paint over the surrounding surface and it makes it harder for a corona to form and arc. At really high voltages, the discharge can form a small cloud in the air.  
As to the solder mask, I remember Miller STevens made all sorts of conformal coatings as well as their solvents. They also made solvents for potting epoxy.  
For small areas like around solder pads for fixing broken or torn traces, I just use one of those fiberglass brush erasers. Scrapes the stuff off easily enough but won't sand off the copper.  
I have a bottle of GC corona dope, but rarely use it, it may have dried up for all I know.  
Did anyone consider contacting the manufacturer of the stuff for removal?

dpcoyle I'm glad I don't have to get it off... -- 6/10/2004 3:26 PM