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Re: Removing Corona Dope?

6/8/2004 5:48 PM
anonymousRe: Removing Corona Dope?
"We have an amp here that has some corona dope on the PCB."
Corona Dope? Isn't that just a high-voltage insulating "varnish"?, or is it more like a potting compound? I guess my question is - why do you need to remove it? I would try Naptha or M.E.K. and if that doesn't do it maybe some JASCO or other brand Paint & Epoxy remover. If you just need to expose the PC board copper an exacto blade can scrape through most compounds.  
While we're on this subject - does anyone know of anything that will remove the green "solder-mask" found on the foil side of most pc boards these days? That stuff is tough and seems to resist everything except an exacto blade.  

mike Ahh..... F.L. You gotta love him.... -- 6/9/2004 10:14 AM