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Re: Removing Corona Dope?

6/7/2004 6:45 PM
Re: Removing Corona Dope?
If the acetone or ethyl acetate based nail polish remover does not cut it, then I would try a different class of solvents.  
Hydrocarbons are another type of flammable liquid which may soak in and allow the dope to wipe off or be peeled away. Lighter fluid is usually a paraffinic hydrocarbon liquid and may work. Otherwise aromatic hydrocarbons like toluene or xylene can cut through things that the paraffin liquids will not remove.  
Barbecue starter may be largely paraffinic or other times aromatic base so it may be a third option as well as gasoline or diesel fuel in case you are desperate, but these hydrocarbons are variable with each batch and a future purchase might not cut the same way.  
Then if the above don't help, another class of solvents would be pure alcohols, like the 99percent isopropyl (not the 70percent rubbing alcohol which is 30percent water). Or Everclear if it is more conveninent, but that is 5percent water with the remainder ethanol (grain alcohol), and highly taxed. Also you may already have a can of methanol (wood alcohol) which may or may not work or work better than other alcohols, but I wouldn't buy it just to try out unless you have no other alcohols.  
For real stubborn resins which defeat the above materials, than I get serious and break out the glycol ethers, of which Cellosolve Acetate is one of the most amazing. I don't know where you get that unless you know someone who has an industrial drum you can get a sample of.  
Remember all this stuff is toxic & flammable, so no smoking, read the safety information, work only in properly ventilated & designated areas, wear the respirator, and have someone standing by with the fire extinguisher when appropriate.  
Sometimes a mixture of solvents works better than one alone, if that's what's in Goo-gone it may lick the corona dope for that reason.  

kg i knew you were a huffer, mike!... -- 6/7/2004 9:22 PM