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Re: Dynaco Stereo 70. Thoughts anyone?

6/6/2004 2:12 PM
FoshizzleRe: Dynaco Stereo 70. Thoughts anyone?
I like the ST70. It's known to be the best selling tube hi-fi stereo ever made. Some people don't like the pre-amp section and you will find lots of mods that re-do it. Also, the ST70 uses a 7189 that is extremely hard to find new or used. If you plan to do any mods to it, get rid of the 7189 as first priority. One common mod is to replace it with a 6gh8 which can still be found NOS.  
For $10 you basically stole it. Congrauts on a good deal. Now all you need is the matching PAS-3 preamp to go with it.  

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