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previous: Paul Marossy I was wondering, has anyone here ha... -- 6/5/2004 3:15 PM View Thread

Re: Emminence Speaker Q

6/5/2004 11:57 PM
Philip Morrison
Re: Emminence Speaker Q
There was a huge thread over at the gear page started by Doug Roccaforte regarding the Red Coat Series. I haven't been able to raise that page for a while but you may try emailing Mr. Roccaforte to see if he would recap.  
The consensus was very positive but I can't remember which ones everyone liked best & why.  
Good Luck  
Philip Morrison

Paul Marossy Thanks. I checked out harmonycentra... -- 6/6/2004 12:01 AM
ted m the gear page had a dns reset thing... -- 6/6/2004 7:26 PM