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Metal Oxide Resistors??

5/20/2004 6:10 PM
Greg Simon
Metal Oxide Resistors??
I was wondering how you can tell if a resistor is metal oxide as compared to metal film, and also if it is ok to use metal oxide anywhere in the amp? I'm aware that lots of people like carbon comp and/or carbon film in many places in an amp. I haven't tried either yet so I can't tell from a sound perspective.  
I have some NTE 2w resistors which are blue. Any idea if these are metal film or metal oxide? They're the same type as you could buy at Fry's or one of those places. I also have some of the ones Randall Aiken sells, which I know are metal film. They look just like the NTE ones except they're a little shinier.  

jeremy metal oxide resistors, in general, ... -- 5/21/2004 7:16 PM