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Re: Why the 6005?

5/18/2004 9:14 PM
Re: Why the 6005?
The 6005 is the military number for a 6AQ5 or 6AQ5A that meets military specs.  
My testing of these tubes as well as 7189A vs. 6BQ5 appears to indicate that when first released, the military/industrial tubes were likely to have been manufactured specifically for more demanding service than the consumer version.  
These were popular tubes for a while there. Lots of factories around the world ended up producing the consumer type and some of them would surely just barely meet the consumer spec.  
But after a few years really major companies like RCA & Sylvania appear to have improved the performace of the mass-produced consumer version to where they would easily meet the military spec, and could legitimately be labeled with the 4-digit numbers when needed. In many industries this approach prevails today as simply the most profitable way to operate.  
If you take a later Sylvania 6AQ5A and compare it to a 6005 when both are NOS you will see what I mean. Same with the RCA 7189A & 6BQ5A.  
I just couldn't see paying more for a 6005 even if it is supposed to be better, when 6AQ5's are $1 is a 6005 worth twice as much when its the same tube even if it's only $2?  

Paul Thanks Mike for the insight. I'll u... -- 5/20/2004 2:56 AM