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Amp to learn On.

5/12/2004 10:59 PM
Kevin STP
Amp to learn On.
I have been modding my Fender 75 for a while but it is a bit overwhelming for my feeble knowledge at times.I have a few other amps and was looking for advice on which of them may be best to learn and understand what I am doing because they all need to be tuned up.They are;  
Kalamazoo Bass 30-complete chassis no cab.  
69 Bassman AB165-complete head,has been modded by someone else and sounds like crap but works.  
Harmony H306C-complete chassis only  
Gibson GA35 RVT-complete needs speaker  
Traynor YBA1-1966 I ok  
Musicman 112 RD50-chassis with transformers and switches only  
Stromberg Carlson PA head-was working and was great sounding but became real noisy.  
Gibson Head-complete in wood box,I was told it is a 79RVT,but I dont think so closest I can figure with the tube compiment is a Medalist,a lot of parts in this one.  
Well thats it I think,I want to keep it simple and go from input to speaker and thoroughly Learn what makes things work and what can be changed to shape the sound.Any thoughts would be helpful  

jaysg [QUOTE]Stromberg Carlson PA head-wa... -- 5/12/2004 11:08 PM
Enzo If you are looking to learn, start ... -- 5/12/2004 11:45 PM